Friday, August 30, 2013

Now represented by CK Contemporary, San Francisco

Shelter 2013
Oil on Linen
I am very excited to announce that I am now represented by CK Contemporary in San Francisco, California. Centrally located in the heart of Union Square for easy access to anyone visiting the city, the gallery has recently opened in a beautifully refurbished space. If you are visiting please say hello to the lovely Gallery staff there and take a look at my work. If you cannot get there in person click here to visit their website.


Pierre Raby said...

Congratulations! Another good reason to make the trip, San Francisco is a beautiful city. This painting is awesome Dianne, one of my favourite, even if I honestly love everything you create! Her eyes closed and body language remind me of "Blindness" from Jose Saramago. She seems carrying the "shelter" inside herself, and those perfectly balanced Art Deco details... Elegant and mysterious.

This Painting Life said...

Thank you Pierre.

I hadn't heard of Saramago's "Blindness" but looking up the synopsis I would have to agree, "Shelter" could be the cover of the book! Thank you for the analogy.