Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick trip over to Melbourne...

Catching up on a bit of well earned rest, I spent a couple of days in Melbourne last month...

Had to take a quick snapshot of this gorgeous little number in the Arts Centre carpark, pride and joy of the owners looking at how immaculate it is...

Managed to make it to Louise Blyton's exhibition opening at Diane Tanzer Gallery, here she is with her beloved, David Coles and her wonderful installation of artworks...great show Louise!

Made it to the Dali exhibition, "Liquid Desire", with the thousands of other people! I was naughty and took pictures, but it all looked so great they way the show had been set up, I really enjoyed a lot of the works, its always great to see things in real life as opposed to seeing them in books. I particularly enjoyed this dark work, its where my asthetics are at the moment and I just found it such a treasure.

"Telephone in a dish with three grilled sardines at the end of September 1939" Salvador Dali

This exhibition room was just fantastic, a padded red dark room with Dali's beautiful and exquisite jewels all delicately and subtely placed in little cubicles. I'm sure he would have appreciated this room.

You'll always have a great time on Brunswick Street, lots of great places to eat, buy art materials, quirky books and great clothes and there are always interesting people walking about, one of my favourite places in Australia.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Noir" Canberra Exhibition

"Troubled Beauty" 2009
Oil on Linen 30.5x35.5cms

One of the first images of my paintings from my upcoming show Noir, which opens in Canberra, at Beaver Galleries on October 15th 2009. I'll be posting some more up in the next couple of weeks.