Sunday, November 30, 2008

Canberra Exhibition 2009

I'm really excited to be having an exhibition of my new work in 2009 at Beaver Galleries, Canberra. It will run from the 15 October - 3 November 2009. I plan to blog about each piece as I work on it, the aim of which is to provide a work in progress series of posts leading up to the show.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hugo Michell Gallery opens and other ramblings

New Gallery, Hugo Michell opened in Adelaide's Beulah Park a couple of weeks ago. A gorgeous space, with bad acoustics, that made it impossible to talk to anyone on opening night...

The opening show features works by Janet Laurence, Colin Duncan, Troy Innocent, Tim Sterling and Ildiko Kovacs. Laurence's work for me was the standout of the show which can be seen until 14 December 2008. As an aside note, I am most amused at the galleries attitude of secrecy...hmmm! One would think in this economic climate snobbery would not be the profitable way to proceed.

Onto other matters and I've had a really bad month, been sick most of it with a virus thingy but have managed to get out and take a few photos..This one, Jim took of me in my well travelled and much loved car, whilst I waiting for him to take some shots of the amazing sunset as we were coming home from the country one day.

This was taken on another days' journey in a small town, it is pretty rare to find old stations these days, and whenever I do, I just have to leap out of the car and take a photo.

On another occasion, when I needed to get away from it all and I couldn't paint, I drove along the dirt road which clings to the ridge above Kapunda in South Australia and came across this old abandoned home. It is certainly very isolated but at the same time, it is just the most beautiful and peaceful place, I soaked it all up for as long as I could.