Monday, October 20, 2008

James Gleeson DEAD at 92

"Sentinels of a late season", 1987, oil on linen 182x274cm

Australia's greatest Surrealist Painter, James Gleeson has died in Sydney, aged 92. He remains one of my sole inspirations as I follow the path of an artist. He never strayed from his path, he had a single vision which he painted and wrote about his whole life and continued to paint almost every day until the end, regardless of money, fashion or any other distraction. Any time, I think what I'm doing is pointless and no-one cares for what I do, I always think of Gleeson and his single vision, his need like mine to paint. The quality of his painted surface, the paint is so luscious that you want to eat it, the images so organic and primordial, they are the stuff of life.

These two paintings were from his last show on exhibition last month at Charles Nodrum Gallery. I spent quite some time devouring the qualities in these works I so admire, my only regret is that I never got to meet him. I tried several times but there was always a reason either his or mine that it did not happen. I want all Australian painters to study the work of this great man and realise what a great legacy he has left for us.

Detail "Depot for used shadows", 1999 oil on linen, 133x178cm

Following the announcement, I ran up stairs to pay homage to the work of Gleeson that I have in my home, I feel so privileged to own one of these truly great works of art.

James Gleeson "Headland", 1998, oil on canvas, 134 x 200 cm

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Things that go bump in the night....

For awhile now, I've been hearing the odd clanking sound in the studio late at night, the odd thing where it shouldn't be and the alarm has been going off in the early hours of the morning. So, something was crawling about but I could never find it. Then, I was greeted by the neighbour holding a mouse trap cage in a bid to help me catch the rodent, so she could get some sleep, rather than be awoken at 2am by the alarm sounding. So, setting the trap day after day, the alarm still going off at really early hours of the day, no luck, no rodent in the cage...and so when arriving at the studio around midday on Sunday, I couldn't believe my eyes, but yes, there was a rather large blue tongued lizard peering at me from behind the couch! Out with the gardening gloves, and into the bucket! Deciding to share the exciting news with the neighbour, it was decided that she would keep it in her back yard that is full of native plants and rockeries...a perfect haven for the little guy....its now really, quiet again in the studio and the alarm is quiet! I so wanted to keep him, as I just adore lizards, oh well, at least I know he is just across the road if I need to visit.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ray Caesar Publication by Mark Murphy Designs

Its taken a very, very long time, however, the wait has been worth the torment! I adore Ray Caesar's work, and the wonderful specialist art publishers, Mark Murphy Designs, have put together the most beautiful book. the quality of the reproductions are outstanding, I believe Outre Gallery, in Melbourne will be getting some copies soon! Note that this is Volume there will be more to come! It also has some fabulous limited edition cards that come with the publication, just to make it extra special.



I was torn when coming out of art school and knowing that I needed a secondary profession to pay the bills along the way as I walked the path of an artist, between becoming a graphic artist and a Librarian. I made a choice to become a Corporate Specialist Librarian. However, if I had to make the same choice now, I would chose instead, to learn how to use Visual Effect Software using programs like Apple's Shake...I guess this is why I appreciate Caesar's work even more than just straight admiration. It is so great to see the amazing effects that Caesar obtains in his work, I'm sure that they are paintable but to generate such original works via a computer is equally mind blowing.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Exquisite Palette Exhibition 2008

Here is my work for the Exquisite Palette Show 2008:

"He heard the clicking of her stilettos and then, the faint knock on the door...." 2008 Oil on wood.

Its on again, for the second year and after great success the first time round, St Lukes' call for artists to create a work of art using a standard wooden artist palette as the starting point. Its a really exciting project because all stage of career artists participate, using a variety of mediums and thus its a very eclectic and extraordinary collection of works. The opening night is sure to be a huge party, so get along if you can and have your chance to own an affordable work of art.

The Exhibition includes 120 artists and runs from 3rd October to 8th November @ St. Luke Artist Colourmen 32 Smith St Collingwood, Melbourne.