Thursday, August 30, 2007

Astro's Dream Car (Exquisite Palette piece)

This is the completed work for the Exquisite Palette show..."Astro's Dream Car (1951 Ford Mercury)" 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Exquisite Palette

My latest work (will post soon) will be exhibited at The Exquisite Palette exhibition, on show at St Luke's Artist Colourmen (the only place to get your art materials in Melbourne!). The show will open next week with works by over 150 artists, including David Band, Graham Fransella, Louise Hearman, Melinda Harper, Paul Boston, John Young, David Bromley etc etc Its going to be a great show with the artists all presenting work on kidney shaped Palettes that range from the exquisite to the bizarre!
If previous functions at St Luke's go, this one should be an even bigger hit! St Luke's proprietors, Louise & David are on the right...

The Exhibition runs from 8th September-20th October Monday- Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-5 @ St. Luke Artist Colourmen 32 Smith St Collingwood

Friday, August 10, 2007

Its College Art Show Season

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Wilderness School to donate a work on paper, my first thought was, I didn't have time but then I thought oh well its only small and I always do something for Loreto College each year and so it was only fair. I chose to give the School a digital print of my Astro in a Swirl and this will form a collaborative piece by major female South Australian Artists to be auctioned at an event held at the SA Museum with the theme of "Life is Amazing" next week.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SALA Weekend

We had about 100 people in the studio on Sunday and it just got too busy to take photos but managed one! Sold some work which is great and there are some flow-on enquiries which is really good.

Tim Lloyd from the "The Advertiser" came in on Sunday with a photographer to cover the 'open studio'...They spent over an hour with us talking about our work, the studio, our ideas for SALA week in the future. I really advocate a Visual Arts Festival that is biennial, with big name artists talks and events, rather than the current format which has grown like topsy for anyone who'd care to tape something to the wall and call it an 'event'. When I was just out of art school, Anslem Keifer, Robert Hughes and other big names came to town for the Adelaide Festival, Visual Arts component and people flocked from far and wide...why can't we organise a fully-fledged well thought out Festival like Artists Week for example????

Saturday, August 04, 2007

3 Little Paintings

I have enjoyed painting these small little studies of landscapes so much, they've been very theraputic as I've been quite sick over the last three weeks or so with a nasty evolving flu/virus infection....I think I need rest and it is my body's way of telling me to stop.

Here are the images of the works...

"Little oasis", 18x12.5cm

"Sunday afternoon drive", 14.5x19.5cm

"Dreaming of other times", 12.5x18cm

South Australian Living Artists Week 2007

South Australian Living Artists week is open for another year and for 2007 Jim & I have opened up our studio/gallery space and stockroom to the public for one weekend only. It is a good opportunity for people to come in and talk to us about our practice, what we are up to as we exhibit mainly in other states, so our collectors in South Australia rarely get to view our work.

I cleaned up my painting space for SALA week, you'll see works by other artists that I have in my collection, Stewart McFarlane, Reg Mobassa, Deb Paauwe as well as my cabinet containing objects that inspire me and have found their way to images for paintings. Its really nice and cosy in my space, I can close my door and feel really happy hiding away from the is my small sanctuary where I can indulge myself and my thoughts, nobody can bother me, the mobile is off, and the landline is on answer machine...ahhh bliss!!!

Here are some pics of the main exhibiting space, showing the small works and my Koi Fish painting all framed up.

Also, here is a few of the salon hung stock room works that Jim and I have left from the last 7 years of painting...when I look at it, I've sold quite a lot of works and am pleased that this is all I have left barr a couple in dealers stockrooms. This means I need to paint some new works! But I knew that!!!!