Saturday, May 05, 2007

Stage #2 Work in Progress

Its been a very busy week, I got some new paint, Vasari in from the States and have just been itching to get back to this painting and try them out. I really recommend them, great texture, good pigment saturation, they may well be replacing a few more of my Old Holland Paints than I thought.

Here is stage two of my Koi fish painting and now its the weekend I will be able to work on getting to stage three!


A Reason to Paint said...

A paint to replace the Old Hollands, now I am really tempted. Enjoying the wip Dianne :)

life-draw said...

I too am looking forward to seeing this evolve Dianne, and it's looking great so far. I'm a bit of a fish person myself, it's my livlihood anyway. There are some pretty amazing Koi ponds out there.

This Painting Life said...

life-draw...Did you say amazing Koi ponds your way...I'm on the next plane! No ponds with Koi round these parts... I must get a couple of locations from you...the ones in this painting live in NSW

life-draw said...

Yes, I believe they are illegal in SA? Same for ACT. The better ones we see are private. But some of the best Koi I have seen are here
And the site has some excellent colour references here by variety.

Aust Koi Farm is a great place to visit, it's about a one hour drive SW of Sydney CBD. Kind of near where the main airport should/will be one day.