Monday, May 07, 2012

The Observer

"The Observer" 2012
Oil on linen

This painting will be shown in my exhibition "The Dissociated" in August 2012 at Beaver Galleries, Canberra.

Artists Statement

 My most recent work continues on from my exploration of the genre of Film Noir, primarily as the vehicle to express my thoughts and observations of human interactions.

 The figures in my paintings often appear disassociated in their environments, there in physicality but removed and mentally detached, existing in their own worlds. Women stare into space involved in their private lives, housed in their own environments, and at other times looking out in the nightscape. 

Pristine interiors, marbled walls with patterned floors, as the shadows play with the psychological presence of people inhabiting the scenes. The imagined reality of the viewer is sometimes taken to the dark side, however as a frozen image we are left lingering for more clues.

 In the moonlight, or dazzled by the city nightlights, what the night will bring, contemplation of the hour of culmination as thoughts of one’s life’s endeavour pass. Here the world appears different, small things become magnified as the droning sound of daily existence fades and the sounds of the night take over.