Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cowwarr Art Space Show

There I was thinking I was going to not have a solo show this year..I did say that didn't I?????

I've had a few casual conversations with a gallery that have ended in mutual must have a show one day and in fact the last conversation was regarding sometime in 2007...So a couple of days ago I got a call from the lovely director of Cowwarr, Carolyn Crossley, who said well, when are we doing the show? After a bit of to and frowing we've agreed to October/Novemeber this year. So, I'm going to be painting a few new large works and include a couple of paintings that I have in stock..

Am looking forward to it, the Gippsland is a great area, its one of the hearts of Australian Farming and has gone through a lot, 10 years+ drought, devastating bushfires this Summer, I don't know how they keep going.

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