Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ray Caesar Publication by Mark Murphy Designs

Its taken a very, very long time, however, the wait has been worth the torment! I adore Ray Caesar's work, and the wonderful specialist art publishers, Mark Murphy Designs, have put together the most beautiful book. the quality of the reproductions are outstanding, I believe Outre Gallery, in Melbourne will be getting some copies soon! Note that this is Volume there will be more to come! It also has some fabulous limited edition cards that come with the publication, just to make it extra special.



I was torn when coming out of art school and knowing that I needed a secondary profession to pay the bills along the way as I walked the path of an artist, between becoming a graphic artist and a Librarian. I made a choice to become a Corporate Specialist Librarian. However, if I had to make the same choice now, I would chose instead, to learn how to use Visual Effect Software using programs like Apple's Shake...I guess this is why I appreciate Caesar's work even more than just straight admiration. It is so great to see the amazing effects that Caesar obtains in his work, I'm sure that they are paintable but to generate such original works via a computer is equally mind blowing.


Daniel Sanger said...

oh they're wonderfully dark - will have to pick up a copy..

candidcareers said...

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