Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Exquisite Palette Exhibition 2008

Here is my work for the Exquisite Palette Show 2008:

"He heard the clicking of her stilettos and then, the faint knock on the door...." 2008 Oil on wood.

Its on again, for the second year and after great success the first time round, St Lukes' call for artists to create a work of art using a standard wooden artist palette as the starting point. Its a really exciting project because all stage of career artists participate, using a variety of mediums and thus its a very eclectic and extraordinary collection of works. The opening night is sure to be a huge party, so get along if you can and have your chance to own an affordable work of art.

The Exhibition includes 120 artists and runs from 3rd October to 8th November @ St. Luke Artist Colourmen 32 Smith St Collingwood, Melbourne.


A Reason to Paint said...

I really really love this Dianne - you people are making it so hard to choose which one to buy!

Cooper Dragonette said...

Dianne, Thanks so much for your kind note about our newest addition. We're doing well here in Maine, bracing for the fall and wishing we were getting just a little more sleep...
Best wishes friend,

Amanda van Gils said...

Yet another great painting for the palette show.
I'm enjoying seing the evolution of your newest body of work and am looking forward to seeing this painting in real life at tonight's opening

Daniel Sanger said...

That rocks Dianne! Reminds me of 'The Big Sleep' - I'll have to snap one of your 'Noir' paintings up soon.