Friday, November 16, 2007

The Melbourne Trip

Had a fantastic time in Melbourne as always...starting with the long and beautiful drive down the Great Ocean Road and came across some beautiful cars there for the Porsche Great Ocean Road Escape. There were about 170 cars plus officials etc ending up in about 350 people involved, a really big group of people having a lot of fun in expensive cars! I found this replica Porsche, like the one James Dean was killed in, built by the man who was checking the tyres. Absolutely beautiful. Many people were not so impressed with the Great Ocean road being blocked off at various times over the weekend so the club members could play the driving course. They were raising money for the local hospital on the way. so that has got to be good.

After getting distracted by cars as I always do.....I went nuts taking photos of trees, Sulpher Crested Cockatoos that were running around everywhere in Lorne and of course I had to climb up on something to get a better view of the ocean!

There is a great Sculpture by the Sea exhibition along the coastline at Lorne too...well worth the look.

Finally got to Melbourne, went Gallery Hopping in Flinders Lane and a look at all the fantastic Graffiti everywhere...I thought the I love Melbourne one was really appropriate.

And here is proof I was there...its a picture of me!!!!

After a day of running around the art shops buying paint, looking at shows, visiting friends just needed a good night out, so an artist in Melbourne suggested the Blue Diamond. Had a fabulous time there, what a great view...and all those decadent red curtains everywhere are just my kind of idea of right...

Of all the exhibitions I saw, the whole exhibition and this painting called "Thought you had all the answers", 2007 oil on linen 152 x 152cm by Julia Ciccarone was the most inspiring experience and I recommend getting along to see it if you are in Melbourne.


Daniel Sanger said...

Great Photos! Glad you had a good time in Melbourne - looks like you had heaps of fun.

That sculpture on the beach looks like a Thunderbird vehicle - which is so not a bad thing:)

A Reason to Paint said...

Amanda and I went to see Julia Ciccarone's show yesterday Dianne and out of all the paintings "thought you had all the answers" was the one that struck me too. I commented to Amanda how much I would enjoy doing a painting like that, it was like every shelf was a little painting in itself.