Monday, November 19, 2007

Melbourne trip Part II

There was so much to see and do in Melbourne that I couldn't squeeze it all into one blog here is a bit more of the journey and the people along the way....
Day one in Melbourne started off with a wonderful walk in the park and then breakfast with the lovely Channel 10 Adelaide Newsreader who is based in Melbourne, Rebecca Morse and the keen eye amongst you will realise this is the person whom has been my subject for a portrait painting.

Heading off to some galleries, Nellie Caston, a peak at the new and very large premises that Mossgreen now occupies in South Yarra and a gander at the works on offer for their auction. I was very disappointed by the Christine Abrahams show of Philip Wolfhagen's work it was slapped together and although I appreciated the surfaces I saw, I found them neither abstract or literal representation of landscape and sky, they lay somewhere in the middle not sure of where they wanted to be.
Later in the day we headed off to Brunswick street for some alternative shopping, always a rewarding experience! I spent way to much money in Zetta Florence!

With my pocket suffering in shock I took myself off to see Louise & David @ St Lukes and stocked up on some art materials...with the promise of beer, we hung around after being told an artist called Martin King was coming around to show his home movie of a trip he'd taken to the sub antartica. Well, my sceptical eye was raised thinking, oh my, a home movie...Was I WRONG! Martin turned up with a DVD and some catalogues and a group of us gathered to watch his experience detailing himself and three other artists and their trip to South Georgia on the ship Australis in 2005. What a wonderful production which I immediately said the ABC should be screening to which he said they were planning to...keep your eye out for it, a really well shot, great music score, amazing scenery and exploration by the artists. King recently held an exhibition at Port Jackson Press.

Spoilt to have seen such a well put together production and all fuzzy from drinking beer, it was time to get myself together to meet for dinner, the very charming Eugene who is working with Jim for his 2008 exhibition with Charles Nodrum Gallery.

Morning of day two it was decided that town was the best idea and headed off we did to Flinders Lane, took in Hearman's show at Tolarno Galleries, which was crowded to the rafters with work, all wonderfully painted but way too much of it! Ducked into a couple of shops underground that were hidden by hidden doorways and off to look as any good tourist does...yes, Graffiti!

Jim and I met up with Daniel Sanger and Michelle Giacobello at their exhibition being held at Cafe Loco in Elsternwick, we were also joined by Triecia Gibney and had a long chat over some lunch, it was great to meet with people in the physical sense those you've only interacted with in a virtual way.

And so it came the big day of the exhibition opening but first the drive in the beautiful Gippsland...Had a great time, a few people drove over from Melbourne for the show and everyone who was there loved the exhibition. After the opening a group of us sat down to the wonderful country hospitality of Cowwarr Artspace director, Carolyn Crossley who cooked the fresh fish that her partner and great sculptor, Clive Murray-White caught..


michelle giacobello said...

So great to meet you, and wonderful to hear your exhibition went well. Sounds like it was the perfect trip.

(And thanks for the unexpected shout).

Daniel Sanger said...

Hey there we are! haha

Fantastic to meet you and looking forward to catching up again next time you're down this way:)