Monday, July 23, 2007

Vasari Paints

I'm working on several paintings at once and don't really want to put them up until they are finished...hence me talking about 'other stuff' meanwhile. However, what I do want to say is how much I like using Vasari Paints the texture and consistency together with the great colour range has me very happy. Unfortunately they are not available in Australia but you can order them direct from the website. I have to thank David Kassan for alerting me to these fantastic paints. I was really impressed with the service and the way they are packaged as well. You can see the care with which the paints are created as opposed to those disgusting chalky Art Spectrum crappie excuses for oil paint. These are in fact exquisite hand made paints with good pigment concentration and favourites so far are Brilliant Yellow Light, Bluff, Ship Rock, Jasper, Bice & Cedar....but really ALL of them are great colours! Save your pennies to get your mitts on them NOW!


Anonymous said...

...just the names of those colours are inspiring.
I've already added a few tubes to my Christmas present list - you should get a commission!

A Reason to Paint said...

Definitely have to try some of these. ATM I am having fun with some of the Williamsburg paints, great colours for nocturnals and some of them are so yummily thick, like putty.