Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fast car driving, sleek and modern

I've been driving around thinking, walking and thinking...that is in between working....I've got so much I want to paint about at the moment, I've got a traffic jam going on in my head that is just not making it to the hand, to the paint to the brush to the canvas! I've prepared eight little boards for some studies to be displayed for SALA week...(South Australian Living Artists Week), I'll put them up on the blog before hand and you can have a look. I was going to partake in the painting a day caper but think I really don't have the time for it, so it'll be a joint two-day SALA and online show.

I somehow feel like I did at art school, I want to paint everything again, buildings, industry, streetscapes, people, just life as it happens around me. I've been too long constrained to one genre and to one way of painting. I'm terribly frustrated that I've not got the luxury of daylight hour studio time except on weekends.

Off topic now...

So, what did you all think about this???

Best bit of social commentary art I've seen in ages! It wasn't even trying but its just well, brilliant! What were they thinking! I know I'll be heading down there when next I'm in Sydney to get my picture taken with the white pointer!


A Reason to Paint said...

I hear you Dianne, I know the frustration of limited daylight painting time and the traffic jam in the head, well let's just say I need more freeways with off ramps!

I wonder about the limited easel time though - is it a bit like part time employment whereby more productivity just gets squeezed into less time? I wonder how much of a full time artist's day is spent procrastinating, compared to those of us who have to make the most of the limited time we have?

This Painting Life said...

I think you have a very good point there about procrastination and am sure that having to squeeze easel time does make me more efficient. Also, being at work, you are stimulated by a different environment, people and circumstances that allow you to separate your art practice...this is a good thing yes...however, I guess I'm just really tired of burning both ends against the middle and whilst I wouldn't relish it all the time, the opportunity to have an extended break...long service leave type stuff would be greatly appreciated right now!