Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Little Cavalier

Poor Edmund Capon, captured beautifully by an associated press photographer, was called back from the anyone who's anyone soiree in Venice to the terrible news that some bastard had swiped one of the AGNSW's Dutch masterpieces from right under some sleepy guards nose! Just stuck the little gem under their jumper and waltzed out into the torrential rains of old Sydney Town.

I always head for the little room in AGNSW that held this painting by 17th Century Frans van Mieris, "A Cavalier (Self Portrait)" it is something I've studied and studied, I really enjoy the way the fabric is painted on the sleeve. Now its bloody well been nicked! I'm really upset about it...these paintings need to be in the public arena for all to see.

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A Reason to Paint said...

I was flabbergasted when I heard about this brazen theft from the AGNSW - I mean don't they have cameras trained on every corner and sirens that blare the moment a painting is lifted from the wall? Apparently not.