Monday, June 25, 2007

Cape Jervis Echidna

Spent the afternoon and early evening driving to and around Cape Jervis and the Star Fish Hill Wind-farm, taking pictures for some new works for Jim's paintings....on the road we couldn't believe our eyes...waddling across right in front of us was one Echidna...we stopped the car ran across the road with me screaming I don't believe it, do you know how fricken rare it is to see one of these????? Now for my readers overseas, this is only the second such animal I've seen in the wild in my life! They are very, very, very rare! Documentary crews have spent months on Kangaroo Island tracking these spiny creatures and there we were, it just trotted along on the road in front of us....Isn't he gorgeous! I feel privileged to have been able to look at him so closely before he scurried off into a spinifex bush.

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Bronwyn said...

I love echidnas too. I've actually carried one, I found it just after it had been hit by a car, but it didn't make it. :-( They can dig a hole really fast to get away from people, dogs, or other predators - I've seen this, on the farm where I grew up in SE Qld.