Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Archibald 2007

In 2006, I was heartened by the Winner of the Archibald Prize. Marcus Wills painting was and is brilliant testimony to hard work, good painting ideas and skills, as well as a belief of the 'self'. I always feel that prizes are so political and last year the Archie awardee made me think, well perhaps credibility and talent are finally been rewarded.

Sadly, 2007 is disappointing to say the least. Not that they are all bad, I like Peter Hudson's portrait of Paul Kelly.

Then there is the self portrait by Robert Hannaford, always a popular artist with the public. Its a honest portrait of the artist going through the treatment of cancer (note the tube from his stomach) in all its frontal assault. You don't get much more truthful about yourself than that.

I have to agree with John MacDonald in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day...why are there so many politicians in this field of candidates? SMH I was interested to learn in his article of the subjects in this years choice how many current and former trustees of the gallery are portrayed.

What is with Rodney Pople's painting being selected. It is a blatent copy of another artists work and I think it is curious that it be included...

Here is the famous photograph "Leap into The Void" by Yves Klein (1928-1962)

Actually if you are interested in portraiture, a much better prize to follow is the BP Portrait Prize held at the National Gallery in London each year...take a look BP Prize

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