Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"The dissociated" Solo exhibition Beaver Galleries, Canberra Australia

"Disconnection" 2012
Oil on linen
My Solo Exhibition opens this Thursday 16th August 2012 at Beaver Galleries, Canberra. The exhibition concludes on September 4th 2012.

There will be 9 paintings in the exhibition where you can see some of my latest work where colour features in my work again and I have painted family friends and local pin-up girl models in various settings in home city.


M.Rajeshkumar said...

Beautiful work...all the best.....!

Geordie Gardiner said...

I love the composition, there is something about your work that reminds me of Edward Hopper.

Can I ask if you know the title of the painting on the wall. When I was young it was a popular painting that I saw often in peoples homes in the UK and a while back I tried without success to find the title.

I have been building a Blog on my sons work, he produces mainly music & videos but at times he paints and takes photographs, I think you night be interested to see some of his portraits, if so follow the link below


I am also an artist, I studied documentary photography in the late 80s and in the late 90s I
studied what was called Electronic Media Design so that might give you a little idea as to why I like your work.

If you ever viewed my work on the different Blogs I have made you will find I always attempt to see the funny side.

As I type this I cannot remember if your exhibition has been or if it is yet to come up. Whenever it was or is I wish you every success.

Lets be friends

All the best
Geordie Gardiner

This Painting Life said...

Hi Geordie

Thank you for your compliments.

The painting on the wall is called "Miss Wong" by Vladimir Tretchikoff.

I don't post much on my blogs anymore as Facebook has somewhat taken over...however, I will be posting about my upcoming show in Melbourne within the next month.