Saturday, February 25, 2012

Planes, trains & automobiles - Elliott Fouts Gallery Sacramento

"Ride away with me" 2012
Oil on linen

My love of cars (and shoes) is portrayed in my latest painting which is to be exhibited in California at Elliott Fouts Gallery Sacramento, CA in the invitational exhibition "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" which opens March 3 and closes April 5 2012.


Pierre Raby said...

Outstanding work Dianne, beautifully executed! The strong but yet elusive narrative of this piece echoes well your recent body of work. Therefore, in this particuliar painting, the heroine stands proud out of her secure zone, which gives a stunning and affirmative aura to the whole.
Good luck with the show!

This Painting Life said...

Oh thank you for taking the time to consider and comment on my work Pierre...I really appreciated it.

Bhavna said...

I think this is a wonderfull blog. The work posted touches the souls as an artist. The creative process had always brought happiness and given me a feeling of accomplishment, self – satisfaction and contentment. Now I
plan to successfully translate this passion into an exciting career and prays that this zeal for art can become a larger part of my life as I grow as an artist.