Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Group Show @ The Focus Gallery

'We will be safe here' 2011
oil on linen
61 x 152cm

My first show in Canada opens this Friday 14th October at The Focus Gallery.

Group Show with Gallery Artists includes:
Jim Thalassoudis, Dianne Gall, Christopher Lori, David Shevlino, Randy Steele, Deborah Tilby, Scott Owles, Juan Martinez, Tara Juneau, Mark Strutt


Pierre Raby said...

Love the panoramic format of this painting that strongly suits the subject. And the title opens a wide window on outdated american values. It feels sad but also comforting to realise that the time of that sort of collective hypnosis is over, or at least fastly deconstructing in the recent years. I love this painting Dianne with its strong narrative. I wish you and Jim the best for the show in Canada!

This Painting Life said...

Thanks Pierre for your comments and good wishes.

It is always good when people understand the pretext on which the work is based too.

Havetoloveart said...

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I like your pictures. For this one I spent more time looking at the details and I saw more than one light sources....