Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rick Amor Exhibits in Adelaide:New Jeffrey Smart Book

Rick Amor "The Hour", 2007 oil on canvas 117 cm x 130 cm

It was a delight to go to the opening of Rick Amor's Adelaide show a few days ago, although containing only a few works, each provided a thought provoking reminder of the artists unique view of the world. He made the trip over for the opening, so it was great to see him again and to talk about the mutual love of painting. He was accompanied by his long time supporter and dealer, Bill Nuttall, director of Niagara Galleries, Melbourne (or Uncle Bill as I like to call him!) I was lucky enough to get a personalised signed copy of the Gavin Fry tome that has just been published on Rick's work and was doubly pleased to see that the work I own of Ricks is reproduced in the book as well. The painting has been in my collection since the mid 90's and it is one of my most treasured possessions, I'll never sell it, I look at it every day and its a part of my life. Last Sunday was another treat with ABC Sunday Arts story on Rick which was a preview to his current survey exhibition "A Single Mind" being held at Heide.

While I'm mentoning books, be sure to check out the latesst book on painter Jeffrey Smart by Christopher Allen, which looks at his "Unpublished Paintings, 1940-2007"....Its been launched by Australian Galleries this week and coincides with an exhibition of his paintings at Philip Bacon. I've also heard that the ABC program, Talking Heads are looking at a profile on Jeffrey, so watch out for that in the TV promos.


A Reason to Paint said...

I got my invite to the book launch of the Jeffrey Smart book, but unfortunately I'll be interstate - I wonder if he's going to be there signing copies?

This Painting Life said...

I can confirm that Jeffrey Smart is in Australia and I'm sure that a signed copy would be available.