Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Loreto Spring Art Exhibition September 2007

These are my two completed works for the Annual Spring Loreto Art Exhibition which opens Friday night September 7 2007 and runs for one weekend only. This is a very successful event for the College and artists alike, many months of work go into getting sponsors, publicity and selecting artists to participate and I always find it a rewarding venture to be part of.

"Still life - Frog cake composition #1" 2007

"Still life - Frog cake composition #2" 2007


Daniel Sanger said...

oh, very cool!

The Frog cake comp#2 is wonderful:) You must be very pleased with both of them.

A Reason to Paint said...

Yuuuuuummy! Dianne you make those little cakes look way too good.

Steph said...

They look completely edible! Gorgeous.

on painters & painting said...

As a young man I was a big fan (and still am) of Wayne Thiebaud's cake paintings from the 60's. These pictures have a similar sweetness - very tasty!
I like them very much, well done Dianne.

This Painting Life said...

Thanks Daniel, Triecia, Stephanator & James.

I'm a very BIG fan of Thiebaud's cakes too, not so much his street scapes.

MegaMom said...

These look good enough to eat! My girls have used your images to fuel their imagination when they are playing "tea time". :)