Thursday, August 09, 2007

SALA Weekend

We had about 100 people in the studio on Sunday and it just got too busy to take photos but managed one! Sold some work which is great and there are some flow-on enquiries which is really good.

Tim Lloyd from the "The Advertiser" came in on Sunday with a photographer to cover the 'open studio'...They spent over an hour with us talking about our work, the studio, our ideas for SALA week in the future. I really advocate a Visual Arts Festival that is biennial, with big name artists talks and events, rather than the current format which has grown like topsy for anyone who'd care to tape something to the wall and call it an 'event'. When I was just out of art school, Anslem Keifer, Robert Hughes and other big names came to town for the Adelaide Festival, Visual Arts component and people flocked from far and wide...why can't we organise a fully-fledged well thought out Festival like Artists Week for example????

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Daniel Sanger said...

Hey looks amazing - what a wonderful collection! Congrats on your sales:)